Reduce Waste with Homemade Sunscreen

One way to be more environmentally responsible is to reduce waste by reducing the use of products that come in packages. Many companies are attempting to reduce their packaging and/or use packages made from recycled products. This is great! However, as consumers, we can do even more. By making our own consumables and reusing the containers we make them in, we are not only reducing the waste we create, we are sending a message to businesses that says we don’t want all the chemicals they add to items and we won’t spend our money to support them. By making our own consumables at home, such as sunscreens and lotions, we not only do the planet a favor, but our bodies as well. So say goodbye to store bought and say hello to home made and healthy! Continue reading “Reduce Waste with Homemade Sunscreen”


Running with Knee Pain, and what to do about it!

I’m a runner, I haven’t always been one, but over the last 5 years I have learned to embrace running and the benefits I get from it.  Unfortunately for many, myself included, running can be sidelined by knee pain.  Running with knee pain ultimately dashes hopes and results in money wasted on events that cannot be participated in but for which entry fees were already paid.  There are many things you can try to heal knee pain and get back to running.  

My personal journey with knee pain started about 2 years ago.  For the first several months I just ignored it.  It wouldn’t hurt while I was running, but kick in the moment I stopped.  It only lasted for a few hours afterward, so I just figured that I wasn’t stretching enough.  (which was probably true)  I ran a trail 25k (15.53 mi) pretty much untrained and that’s when it really kicked in.  After that my knees would hurt just walking around, and going up or down stairs was excruciating.  I am on the floor a fair amount for my job (I work in Special Education) and getting up was a major effort.  Finally I was convinced by a friend that I had “runner’s knee” also referred to as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Continue reading “Running with Knee Pain, and what to do about it!”


It’s Wellness Week! How Will You Be Well?

October 16-20 is National Wellness Week.  What a great time to begin your wellness journey or to add a new dimension to your current regimen.  Many cities have wellness activities planned for their residents.

As a reminder…the 6 dimensions of wellness are Emotional, Social, Occupational, Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual.  Over this week take a look at your life and evaluate which of these six dimensions may be lacking wellness.  Once you’ve found an area to focus on, take a look at what options may be available for you to help improve in that area.  Next TAKE ACTION.   I know, I know… this is ALWAYS the hardest part.  But, like my mother always said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”  So you’ve got to commit to taking the necessary action to improve your life.  No one else can do it for you, and just thinking about it won’t get you far.  Knowing what you need to do is a great first step.  Let’s talk about some possible easy options to get you going in each particular category. Continue reading “It’s Wellness Week! How Will You Be Well?”


Essential Oils for Dogs with Anxiety

No doubt about it…people LOVE their dogs. They’re not just an animal or a pet, they’re a well loved member of our family.  When a dog has anxiety it is rough on their humans.  Did you know that you can use essential oils for dogs with anxiety?  Veterinarians have a variety of prescription remedies for dog anxiety, but many people are looking for more natural ways to help their pets deal with this relatively prevalent issue.  This is where essential oils can be of great benefit .

The type of anxiety your dog experiences is going to dictate how you will be treating it.  Whether the stress is related to loud noises, separation, or you’ve got a rescue with an unpleasant past that causes fear,  there are essential oils that can help.  As with humans, no essential oil is going to have exactly the same effect on every dog.  Dogs, like humans, have personal preferences to different aromas.  Fortunately, there are a variety of methods for delivery, and a variety of essential oils that can be tried in order to find what works for your pooch. Continue reading “Essential Oils for Dogs with Anxiety”