Amazing Coconut Oil-A True Super Food

Coconut oil has come on the scene in the recent past as one of nature’s true super foods.  The myriad of uses for this amazing oil are truly astonishing and the many health benefits make it a product everyone should have in their pantry.


A few of the benefits of ingesting this healthy fat that have been verified by medical studies include:  lowering cholesterol by increasing HDL levels which promotes heart health, reducing high blood pressure, boosting immunity, aiding in digestion and supporting digestive issues, supporting brain health and reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, curing urinary tract and kidney infections, protecting the liver, reducing the effects of arthritis, and having a number of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.  Some studies also suggest that ingesting it can slow cancer growth and aid patients in recovery.  It has also been shown to aid in weight loss, help build muscle,  increase endurance and increase energy.  There are ongoing studies which may reveal even more benefits of and uses for this incredible plant.  While these benefits would be reason enough to keep coconut oil on hand this amazing oil can be used externally as well!


Putting coconut oil on your hair increases its strength and luxuriousness, oil pulling with coconut oil decreases tooth decay and increases gum health, mixing it with baking soda makes a whitening and chemical free toothpaste, it can reduce acne and heal a number of skin maladies.  This oil can even be used as a sunscreen and moisturizer too!  The benefits to your body are so great, but the utility of this oil doesn’t stop there!  It can also be used in household cleaning products, to remove spots and stains on your carpet or upholstery or to clean your shower!


Coconut oil is now widely available, but for internal use it is best to purchase oil that is organic and extra virgin.  This means that it has been processed at a lower temperature and maintains its healthful properties.  If your main use is going to be cleaning products for your home, then spending less money on a, possibly, lower quality oil isn’t going to matter as much.

There are so many wonderful uses for this amazing oil that entire books have been written on the subject.  To find one, comprehensive listing of ways to utilize coconut oil in your diet and home just click the link.  You’ll also find a recipe book with over 80 recipes incorporating this healthy fat.

Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil






7 thoughts on “Amazing Coconut Oil-A True Super Food

  1. Janet,
    I am blown away by this article! Of course I’ve seen coconut oil in the grocery store -in the baking isle-but never imagined that there were so many other “Amazing” uses for it!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I never knew there are so many benefits of coconut oil!
    I always loved the smell of it, and often find myself purchasing products including coconut oil.

    Thanks for sharing the 80 recipes incorporating healthy fat. Great reading 🙂

  3. Finally, I will know what to do with a coconut oil pot who was, until now collecting the dust. I never thought that it is so healthy and there so many unique ways to use it. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!

    Regards, Gedas

  4. I know exactly what you speak of in this article…Truly I am such a fan of all things coconut that we have opened a store that focuses on not only coconut oil, but other products that have some form of coconut as ingredients…

    The many uses and benefits of coconut oil have been known for years in the Asian countries. Many of our products originate in either Thailand or the Philippines, and they do sell well…

    I would suggest that people consider increasing their use of coconut oil for the maladies you mention (health and beauty) plus when you buy it is helping out locals in the countries where coconut is a big crop. It helps these people make a living, a good thing…

    We have even added some other coconut products such as jewellry to the catalog, we will see how that goes. In the works also is some live streaming sessions so viewers can see cooking with coconut in action.

    Thanks for this article, and you have helped some people today. Anyone who happens by the post will be better informed and hopefully will add coconut oil to their shopping cart when they next visit a store carrying it…

    As you say there are different grades (qualities) of coconut oil, and as you state, I would use the extra virgin oil for cooking for best results. Look at other products as well that contain coconut, such as sunscreen cremes, soaps, etc.

    Have a great day!

    1. Dave! Thank you so much for pointing out how we are helping others in different countries by using coconut oil! We are all interconnected and I had neglected to contemplate that in relation to coconut oil. I’ve made sunscreen with coconut oil (& other stuff) and it works great and I love it!

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