Running with Knee Pain, and what to do about it!

I’m a runner, I haven’t always been one, but over the last 5 years I have learned to embrace running and the benefits I get from it.  Unfortunately for many, myself included, running can be sidelined by knee pain.  Running with knee pain ultimately dashes hopes and results in money wasted on events that cannot be participated in but for which entry fees were already paid.  There are many things you can try to heal knee pain and get back to running.  

My personal journey with knee pain started about 2 years ago.  For the first several months I just ignored it.  It wouldn’t hurt while I was running, but kick in the moment I stopped.  It only lasted for a few hours afterward, so I just figured that I wasn’t stretching enough.  (which was probably true)  I ran a trail 25k (15.53 mi) pretty much untrained and that’s when it really kicked in.  After that my knees would hurt just walking around, and going up or down stairs was excruciating.  I am on the floor a fair amount for my job (I work in Special Education) and getting up was a major effort.  Finally I was convinced by a friend that I had “runner’s knee” also referred to as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Continue reading “Running with Knee Pain, and what to do about it!”


Total Gym Home Fitness Machine Review

It is SO EASY to come up with excuses as to why not to exercise.  Having a gym or club membership can be costly, workout gear is expensive, class times aren’t convenient, I don’t have the time to drive to and from a class, it’s too cold out, it’s too hot out, it’s raining, I’m tired.  This list can go on forever!  It is much more difficult to make yourself just get to it.  When I first began attempting to get fit I was a master at excuses.  Then I saw a Total Gym Home Fitness Machine infomercial!!!!  I hadn’t had a TV for seven years and the concept of an infomercial was completely new to me.  Frankly, it spoke directly to me, I thought it addressed my every need!  I was sold, and I’ve never regretted it. Continue reading “Total Gym Home Fitness Machine Review”


My Fitness Journey

About 6 years ago I decided I needed a regular physical fitness routine.  Reading the obituaries and seeing the young ages of the deceased, and hearing stories from friends about various ailments, had me convinced I needed to get fit and stay fit but going to a gym and aerobics classes etc. didn’t fit my schedule or budget.  My husband had been a regular runner for many years and we had done some running together, but I never loved it, and I never did it regularly enough to become good at it, or enjoy it.  It was so easy for me to put off too, I would use any excuse to not be able to go for a run on any given day.

Continue reading “My Fitness Journey”