My Fitness Journey

About 6 years ago I decided I needed a regular physical fitness routine.  Reading the obituaries and seeing the young ages of the deceased, and hearing stories from friends about various ailments, had me convinced I needed to get fit and stay fit but going to a gym and aerobics classes etc. didn’t fit my schedule or budget.  My husband had been a regular runner for many years and we had done some running together, but I never loved it, and I never did it regularly enough to become good at it, or enjoy it.  It was so easy for me to put off too, I would use any excuse to not be able to go for a run on any given day.

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Essential Oils for Fever

If you are a parent, an aunt/uncle, daycare provider or anyone else who is around children, then you know that fevers are a common issue.  Thankfully there are natural remedies that can be employed using essential oils to reduce fevers.  Using essential oils for fever reduction does not work as quickly as a typical over the counter drug remedy, but it does work. Continue reading “Essential Oils for Fever”