Save the Planet-One Battery At A Time

How much money do you spend on batteries a year? Think about it…car batteries, batteries for remotes, hearing aids, power tools, toys, boats, flashlights, the list goes on and on.  For example, my family of 5 goes through a lot of AA batteries.  We would buy them at Sam’s Club in a pack of 48 for jsut under $20, that’s about .42 per battery.  We go through those easily within a month, (5 Wii remotes, 2 TV remotes, various toys, and electronics)  That’s $240 per year just on AAs!!!  Plus, in many areas, once they’ve died you have to pay by the pound to recycle them.  An average AA battery weighs 7/8 of an ounce.  In my town it costs .56/lb to recycle them, so about 16 batteries can be recycled for .56.  That package of 48 now costs me another 1.68, bringing the actual cost of each battery to 45.5 cents each.  Think about that every time you replace one!    A lot of people choose to skip the recycling and toss them into the garbage which is costly in its own way to everyone and the planet.   According to the Environmental Protection Agency approximately 180,000 TONS of batteries are thrown into landfills each year!!  It takes about 100 years for those batteries to completely break down.  What an environmental nightmare!  Once those batteries are in a landfill their casings degrade or are damaged and toxins like mercury and lead are released into our soil.  Although battery manufacturer’s have made strides in rectifying this, just the fact that all those batteries are taking up landfill space unnecessarily is bad enough!


Most people are unaware that there is a way to recondition every one of those batteries to be as good as new.  And it’s simple!  Just imagine how convenient it would be to be able to easily recondition any battery in your home.  No running to the store for AAA when the remote dies, or shelling out $100 or more for a new car battery.  Continue reading “Save the Planet-One Battery At A Time”